Public Relations

Dealing with Public Relations means being part of the relational dimension of our clients, being part of their ecosystem and being able to reinforce it. We support companies in their decisional process and we contribute to enhance their positive values.

We promote the image of our clients towards their stakeholders generating communication programmes able to sustain their reputation and their assets. We have a responsibility deriving from our clients’ trust, which generates the passion we have for our job.
We can count on a relevant background in Corporate, Cosnumer and b2b Communication and we have ad hoc teams for sectors like ICT and Consumer Technology| Energy, Manufacturing e Transportation | Associations and Education| Pharmaceutical, Health and Beauty | Fashion | Finance | Food
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Our services:

Media relations
To us the press office activity is based on trust with media, deriving from the ability to share with them interesting contents and news in a correct way: giving the right message to the right target.

Digital PR
The Web is the most incredible sounding-board for news, it needs monitoring and a careful strategy: users’ opinions persuade, affect and stimulate people. Managing the online communication ensure success. For this reason, the online reputation has become the very first companies’ concern.

Content Producing
The rethoric – from the Greek word ῥητορικὴ τέχνη, rhetorikè téchne, «the art of saying» - is the art of “saying it well, a discipline that goes back to the birth of the Western culture, which is used to persuade.

Communication campaigns and storytelling
“Tell me a fact and I’ll learn, tell me the truth and I’ll believe but tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever”

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