Digital Communication

Digital Communication permeates Imageware, which was a pioneer of the Net and also promoter of its diffusion in Italy. Nowadays the company can count on a strengthened know-how and it is always at the forefront in what the digital offers or experiences.

From the strategic consulting to the design of online campaigns, from the development of websites to the positioning of brands and companies on all social networks, including the gamemarketing, we can be the partner of those who want to start or improve their presence on the Web.
The Net is a powerful tool, that can be used to start a relationship with people, clients and consumers, partners and the commercial networking. Exploiting digital technologies and using digital marketing levers means reaching the rights recipients of our communications, scoring the final result in terms of efficiency and competitiveness.
Imageware has a series of experts in the field of digital communication: Project Manager and Account Manager, Art Director, Web Designer, Digital Copywriter, Web Editor and Web Devoloper, who work in an integrated way with the rest of the agency’s areas and with the experts from Img Internet, Imageware’s company which has a strong technical specialization and knowledge in the Net development.
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Our services:

Web design & communication
Our values? Specialized differentiated expertise but highly integrated with each other: creativity and Web design, consulting on contents and implementation of editorial plans, documents development and integration with social networks.

Digital marketing and Social media
Over the past few years Internet changed the way people do marketing activities: companies need to change the way they interact with their clients and prospects, through a two ways communication and a direct dialogue with a single person over the social networks and on the Net, using every mobile device.

Direct E-mail Marketing
Do you want to reach your clients with a communication that will not be the usual ignored email?

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