VMware Forum 2014

VMWare vForum 2014 – Amplify the possibilities

Final Goals

The two Italian stages of this international roadshow were set in Milan and Rome. In each City, the attendees could see with their own eyes how the VMware vForum changed its image.
The final goals of such an event were different: first of all the forum had to promote the Company through the reference market and also had to generate business by getting in touch partners, attendees and experts in the field.
The event has to demonstrate that VMware, the global leader in virtualization and cloud computing and its partners, can offer a more efficient strategy in use and distribution of IT services by reducing costs and speeding up the process of development, distribution and application management. 

WNware by Imageware


Imageware managed all the logistic aspects and the consultant activities for both Italian Forums. Imageware developed the communication plan targeted to the different publics: prospect, customers, influencers and partners and gave shape to the messages in the different media and formats: teasers, dem, web, social media.
Furthermore Imageware was in charge of fitting out, audio-visual services, online and onsite registration system.


  •  2.570 attendees
  • 45 breakout sessions
  • 73 sponsoring partners


Some pictures from the event:







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