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Fabbri 1905 is a company which has its strengths in the Made in Italy and in the quality of its products. In order to match the taste and the tradition of its 100 years of history with the presence on a modern and effective network, Fabbri 1905 asked us to design a new strategy of digital communication. 

Website, social networking on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest, advertising campaigns on Google AdWords, Fabeook Ads and much more.
Today, Fabbri 1905 is a company that is open to dialog with its clients worldwide and, thanks to an advanced website and to an active, aware and fair presence on social networks, it is able to generate new opportunities every day: sales requests, enrollments to training courses, collaborations with food bloggers.
Gelato makers, Pastry chefs, Chefs, Baristas and Consumers all round the world are now talking about Fabbri 1905.

Look at the website: www.fabbri1905.com

About the website...
The website is totally based on an open source Drupal platform.

The main features are:

  • Italian and English content, with the possibility to switch language from each page
  • View of the complete products catalogue (more than 1000 products)
  • Sign up for/Subscribe to the website as consumer or professional
  • Sign up for/Subscribe to the website by using a Facebook account and a single-sign-on (SSO)
  • Sign up for/ Subscribe to one of the 5 newsletter
  • Press area
  • TV section with the taxonomy and the streaming of YouTube videos (where there is a customized Fabbri TV channel)
  • Possibility of sharing on social networks (share bar)
  • Web contact form
  • SEO tools
  • Statistics with Google Analytics
  • E-commerce

sito fabbri 1905

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