Dive into the future - ELUGA Panasonic

Panasonic comes back to the mobile devices market with Imageware

Panasonic Mobile Communication is the department of Panasonic Corporation which deals with mobile devices. In February 2012 it has announced the return of the Japanese multinational in the European mobile telephone market.


Objectives of the event

  • To celebrate the return of Panasonic into the European mobile telephone market with a local event focused on national targets
  • To create awareness into the world of consumers lifestyle about the new ELUGA brand, which will characterize all the Panasonic smartphones existing in Europe and Italy.
  • To contribute in positioning ELUGA smartphones as LoveMark™ and to create interest by introducing them not only as a great product, but also as style and feeling in which people can identify themselves


  • Press: media mainstream, especially consumer newspapers and newsmagazines with a high readership compared to the target audience
  • Panasonic partners within the world of retail

dive into the future panasonicdive into the future panasonic


The theme of the evening comes from the choice of water as the main topic because it reminds the main features of ELUGA smartphones (waterproof and dustproof) and feelings and values that water is able to recall.
Acquaword: a new, appealing and innovative location related to the theme of water
A night party with the aim of leisure and networking, that represents the experience of “Dive into ELUGA” with exhibitions such as water ball dance and  synchronized swimming,  conferences, areas for products’ demonstrations, spectacular catering, games and interaction with the audience and presence of special guest as La Pina e Diego di Radio Deejay to drive the different situations.

dive into the future panasonicdive into the future panasonic


  • 267 guests: journalists, clients, partners and Panasonic staff
  • 110 journalist attended, a lot of them have represented more newspapers
  • 19 interviews to the top management of the multinational through newspapers, televisions, press agencies, specialized and communication magazines
  • 62 Panasonic guests (clients and partners)
  • 33 Panasonic people

Great visibility reached with pictures, videos and comments posted on social network and Youtube, from the beginning to the end of the event. More than 50 articles published on online and print newspapers since the beginning of the day after the event.

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