Economics and Open Society

Università Bocconi and Corriere della Sera: with Economics and Open Society debate on economic and social issues opens to civil society


The aim of the Forum is to bring civil society together with the world of politics, business, finance and culture, stimulating debate and reflection on the major changes that the society and the economy are experiencing.
At the center of the debate are  topic issues for the revival of the global economic system and the reflection on the economic and social changes necessary to boost growth and development, safeguarding the well-being of individuals and fairness.
The cycle of meetings also aims to position the city of Milan as the intellectual hub of the country and as a European city at the center of international economic and social debate.


Imageware led the Forum in a two-year path in Milan, Paris and Madrid. From the very beginning, Imageware was part of the organizing committee of the event, bringing its contribution in the development of the format and content of the event.
The management of the speakers such as Barroso, Padoa Schioppa, D'Alema, Trichet and the Nobel Prize for economics Spence has been entrusted to Imageware, the interface between the speakers and lecturers of the university in the definition of the activities of the Conference Management.economics and open society forum

Imageware was in charge of the organization of all events, the management of the speakers’ hospitality, the organization of side events and gala dinners at the Italian Embassy in Paris and Madrid. It was also a facilitator with the audience of the event, having handled the Organizing Secretariat.

Results and numbers

  • 75 conferences
  • 2 gala dinners at the Italian Embassy in Paris and Madrid
  • 300 speakers from 20 countries
  • 15 Ministers
  • 4 Presidents (Barroso, Prodi, Belusconi, Trichet)
  • 8.000 participants at live events and 50.000 via web
  • 400 journalists, 20 foreign media  
  • 114.000 page views

In 2007 Economics and Open Society was awarded as "Best Cultural Event of the year in Europe" by the EuBEA Prix.

Some pictures from the event:

economics and open society forum

Economic and Open Society by BocconiEconomic and Open Society by Bocconieconomics and open society forumeconomics and open society forumeconomics and open society forum

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