Stefania Trazzi

When I was young I was studying Chinese with the dream to move to Beijing and emulate the legendary Hilary Flower. Years went on and I am not a correspondent, but I realize the desire to live within the world of news. Of those who do them, those who publish them, those who read them and make them viral. A beautiful work that each day is different.

I started to deal with public relations in the Third Sector when I was very young and today, after 18 years of working for Profit associations, I am happy when we decide to help a Onlus. Thus, I can go on with social battles even when I work with our clients for their business.

My professional profile? It was not easy to switch from a young women of good promises to an Imageware partner, it was a difficult path, even if fun and with a lot of surprises.

But, as you may have guessed, I'm not afraid about difficulties: I know how to hit the target.

I love history, philosophy, politics. I love the Internet because there I can go on and follow my interests freely. 




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