Roberto Fortunato

I am from Venice and like any Venetian I love surfing, not only the sea but also the Web. For this reason I became a businessman: to have the chance to make the Web my job and to transfer companies’ information on the wave of innovation.

In 1996, after an exciting period in Ville des Lumières, where I was wondering if I was a journalist, a geek or just an UFO, I came to Milan. At the beginning it was difficult but, in this city inhabited by cars, I could finally give expression to my passion for the Web. Thus, Img Internet was born. Every day I have the chance to convey to people and organizations that technology is magic: it is able to take you where only the imagination knows how to arrive.

When I'm not on the Web, I play music, I am a dad or you can find me on a small boat in the lake or along a street in Venice, where luckily there are no cars on the sidewalks.


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