Paride Di Monaco

A complete overview without losing details. Yes, I am a meticulous man - sometimes too much - but only those who can go deep down can recognize the difference between lightness and superficiality.

Words are important, they have a precise meaning. You need to know them, to love them and to be able to carefully put them together in order to make clear messages that go deep down in the heart. It is necessary to know the roads that words will follow and the people they will meet. Because each market has its own rules, each company a mission to achieve and each product a story to tell. Creativity is not an unexpected and impressive stroke of genius. Instead, it is the top end of a long search that requires method, discipline and expertise. The same one that I use while practicing karate.

How do I have fun? I argue with Grazia Bruschi. After all, is it possible to do not argue with a women so emotionally messy?

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