Ludovico Santasilia

In this world where time seems to be a subjective variable, I live in a human rhythm and with a human rhythm I use to think and work. Which one is my job? I see people and I do things, but the people that I meet are intelligent and the things that I do are interesting.

I have worked within the communication field since 20 years, and since I am in Imageware, around 10 years, I deal with institutional and international relations.

I never know when I am working and when I am talking. And this is a privilege that I do not want to lose because human relationship need a lot of time, even when the focus comes to business, and above all when it comes to business. Time and manners require professionalism, experience and a proper daily dose of Aloe, that is good and healthy.

Like Odysseus, I travel around the world, but I do not know from which harbour I left, so any place where I stop is like home. I love wine, art and Krzysztof KieĊ›lowski.

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