Ivo Ferrari

Precise, meticulous and pernickety. For someone these are negative characteristics, but I make them my strengths in my job. And I toast and I have fun at the end of each event, because who laughs last, laughs best.   

A famous saying tells that "the devil is inside the details". I think this is true, and here is where I use to go to find him out. Because each event, big or small, hides issues that should not be underestimated. Everything has to be designed and perfectly realize, taking into account the budget we have. Do you think that this scrupulousness can prevent the creativity? That is wrong. It encourages creativity as it is necessary an effort to allow beauty and efficiency to live together. Obviously, you have to be excellent.

I have a passion: the cigar. I have a challenge: to educate my dog, a beagle so clever as stubborn. Each night I use to walk with both of them: a small event, that always happens, but that is perfect.

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