M. Grazia Bruschi

In 1986, I founded this agency with Marco: we are two ex high school class-mates that started this business venture. We worked hard, but we were also very lucky. 

Which one was the greatest luck? To have amazing people who work with us.  

I have worked within the communication field for more than 25 years, since I have learned to write, I love words. Writing is a need, reading is an exigency, and communicating is a passion. I have had, and I still have the chance to earn by doing a job that I love very much, that is able to encourage my curiosity, my creativity and my desire to know.

I was born in November 1958 and I am a mother of two beautiful girls. I love Barolo and science fiction.
I have to say that I am emotionally messy.
Usually, single women of my age make cakes and write poems, but I do not know how to use the oven :-)




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