Bloggers in Italy and in Europe: More Ladies and Even More Paid

Imageware to Reveal Data from a Survey Conducted at a European Level to Trace their Profile and their Role in the Communication Sphere. Interesting comparison with the American equivalent

Imageware, which operates from over 28 years in communications consulting, public relations and digital communications area, introduces the Observatory Blog 2014, the second edition of a research on the blogosphere, this year, conducted at a European level. Through the global network of independent agencies IPREX Imageware, to which the agency belongs to, the research monitored the current landscape of the blogosphere throughout Europe. The study was conducted through a questionnaire sent to key bloggers, selected for their total number of unique users, contents and exposure.
A total of 1,200 bloggers were involved, mainly belonging to different fields: fashion, style, beauty and trends, current events, technology and innovation, green and sustainability, food and wine, interior design, automotive and travel.

The objective of the survey was to keep the focus and be updated on bloggers, understanding what are their current interests, their sources of information, attitudes towards news they receive and how they see the opportunity of cooperating with companies.
The analysis of all these aspects, along with a map of the blogosphere and a monitoring of the topics and news published on blogs, can help out those working in the communication field not only to have positive relationships with bloggers but also to develop effective communication strategies and forms of satisfying collaborations.
These are the key results that emerged from the Observatory Blog 2014

Women with an average age of 38 years old: this is the profile of the European bloggers

In terms of data, bloggers are "older" than people may think. Blogging activity requires some experiences in life and not just the attitude and predisposition to digital new generations can count on. We discover that the average age for bloggers in Europe is 38 years old.
The most "mature" ones live in Germany, where the average age is 40 years old. Followed by the UK with an average age of 36 years old, while the youngest are living in Czech Republic and Finland; both countries recorded an average age of 31 years old. In Italy, however, the age drops, with 48% of bloggers between the age of 25 and 35 years old.
The blogging phenomenon is common among women 67.2%. The award goes to Finland, with a percentage of 89, 8%. Even in Italy  blogging is for female, with a percentage of 60.5% of blogs written by women.

Fashion and travel are the most popular topics

The topics covered in the European blogosphere are related to fashion and outfits (15.3%), beauty (12%), food (12.8%) and travel (12.6%).
In Italy the topics related to fashion scored the highest rank, the percentage of blogs covering these topics in fact grows up to 32.9%. The second are travel blogs, which recorded 21%.
For the drafting of contents instead, most of the bloggers took inspiration from the Net and their personal experiences. Almost a blogger out of three (26.8%), however, admits of using material such as press releases or sample products coming from media agencies and press offices. Italy is in line with these results, with  similar percentages.

Bloggers and Companies: happy to collaborate

Across Europe, 67.9% of bloggers have been contacted at least once for the purpose of marketing or PR activities. In Italy, the percentage rises up to 81.9% and a blogger out of  three claims to be asked for collaboration on a daily basis.
The 42.5% of bloggers is reached by invitations to events or corporate materials. These data are consistent with most of the Countries, as well as the reaction to the Companies approaches that more than half of the bloggers interviewed view as positive.

Why do they write?
To the question "What are the goals you want to achieve through your blog?" the European blogosphere agrees that they write for passion and to share their experiences, hoping to have a professional development.
This seems to happen, when almost half (46%) of the bloggers claim to earn through their blog. The sources of income are represented mostly by advertising or other type of collaboration such as taking part in events or product sample.

Bloggers in U.S. more result-oriented and looking for profits for their online efforts

The Observatory Blog 2014 also involved 150 bloggers based in the United States.
This is the profile of the Stars and Stripes bloggers: women (92%) around 35 years old that cover topics related to family (25.6%) food and beverage (11.2%). Even U.S. bloggers are using their personal experiences as a source of inspiration, but, compared to their European colleagues they do not write to fulfill their passion only.
76.5% affirms that profit is the ultimate goal, a result scored by 90.7% of the interviewed. Regarding the relationship with  Companies, 97% of U.S. bloggers claims to be reached for marketing and advertising and 75% of them even on a daily basis.  98% of the U.S. bloggers interviewed got free sample, and the method seems to work, 80% believes that the relationship with Companies is positive and want to be more involved.

Research Methodology

In addition to the mentioned American sample surveyed, the Observatory involved 1,200 bloggers coming from Germany, Finland, Great Britain, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Spain, interviewed directly by the agencies belonging to IPREX. In Italy, the panel was made of 150 bloggers and the investigation was handled directly by Imageware.

IPREX is an international network of independent communications agencies, consisting of over 1,500 specialists and experts working in more than 100 locations around the world.

Imageware will continue the dialogue with bloggers through new editions of the Observatory.
To access data of the Blog 2014 (italian), follow this link.

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